Ethnic Designs - from a world of alternatives.  Bringing you a wide range of designs from around the world in the form of bags, clothes, shoes, home ware and accessories.


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Ethnic Designs was first created as a holiday daydream ... we have now turned it into a reality.

There are so many delicious designs from far away places we are now developing our range of bags and accessories to include the best.

Ranging from traditional ethnic to more modern designs from around the world, you will find a variety of items to suit your mood and character.



Small Bags


A wide range of small shoulder bags and purses in a unique style...

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Travel Bags


Deceptively small travel bags - Mary Poppins would be envious! 

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Medium Bags


Bags with a difference - but not at the expense of the space inside! 

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Large Bags


For when you need a stylish large bag - comes with a free matching purse...

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Small purses, mobile phone pouches, passport bags... 

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